AŞIKLI HÖYÜK – Observations, Investigations, and Discoveries

26 April 2022, 10.00–11:30 AM Sala de Graus.
Prof. Miquel Molist (Chair)
Prof. Mihriban Özbasaran and Assoc Prof. Guneş Duru
Assignatura de Prehistòria II, (1r del Grau d’arqueologia)
Marques de Jaciment / Lines of Site / Kazi Izleri

Exhibition Opening
27 April 2022, 1.00–2:00PM
Speakers: Màrius Martizen (Vice-rector of international relations), Margarita Freixas (Dean), Mihriban Özbasaran, and Demet Güral.
Guided Introduction to the exhibition: Adrià Breu, Gary Sangster, and Firat Arapoğlu

AŞIKLI HÖYÜK, Anatolian Archaeology and Lines of Site / Kazı Izleri
27 April 2022, 4:30– 6:00 PM Sala de Juntes
Speakers: Mihriban Özbasaran, Güneş Duru,
Adrià Breu Barcons and Gary Sangster.
Moderator: Demet Güral

Transdisciplinary research, Contemporary Art and Archaeology
28 April 2022 – 4:30–6:00 PM Sala de Graus
Speakers: Firat Arapoğlu , Adrià Breu Barcons, Igor Bogdanovic, Eva Bosch (artist via zoom), Sinem Eryılmaz and Osman Nuri İyem (artist via zoom).
Moderator: Gary Sangster

Art, Exhibition, interpretation, and Communication
29 April 2022 – 10.00–11:30 AM Biblioteca d’Humanitats. Sala Goytisolo.
Speakers: Firat Arapoğlu, Ramon Buxó, Gary Sangster, Murat Germen (Artist via Zoom), Anita Taylor and Demet Gural.
Moderator: Adrià Breu Barcons

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